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The Garden Party | The Woodlands

TEA TIME | Behind the Scenes -  "Entirely Bonkers" The Garden Party is one of today's newest trends in pop-up fundraising and charity events, supporting local organizations and charities. Wife, mother, founder, daughter, human, philanthropist, leader, survivor & "big sister" - Misti Jeter, a model for The Celebrate Your Life Organization firstapproached me with this idea in mid August - Five weeks - Vintage Chic "Mad Hatter" Tea Party - Proudly supporting Glade Arts Foundation & The Celebrate Your Life Organization - These are the photos Misti sent as her vision:

Immediately, I knew that I had to study because I was not exactly sure who or what "Mad Hatter" was - So after hours of aimlessly scrolling through the internet, I quickly found myself with more inspiration than I'd anticipated. From the Spanish moss to the graphic on the gift tag and the color of ribbon used on the guests' gifts, we had full control of every little …

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